How CMR Improves the FNOL Process

By: Taylor Fudge, Managing Partner

At Claims Management Resources, we pride ourselves on our First Notice of Loss (FNOL) services. Our personnel and our custom app (yes, it’s available in the app store!) work in lockstep to gather evidence to establish liability for damaged property.

Our 25-person team of experts is the answer to recovering damage claims and alleviating staffing issues. CMR is the clear, preferred partner for recovery due to our streamlined, 10-minute digital intake with an expert coach to support employees through the entire process. Our approach saves organizations time, money, and stress.

Who We Are

We have over 35 years of experience recovering money on damaged property for utility companies and government entities. We are 100% contingency-based, making our FNOL services a low-risk, high-reward solution to property damage claims problems. By outsourcing to us, our customers’ existing employees can focus on higher-level tasks and their organization’s core competencies.

What We Do

CMR’s simplified FNOL process supports organizations in protecting their most important assets — their people. Through our mobile app and 24/7 phone support, our team can walk any employee through the process of uploading the right pictures and data and gathering the necessary information to quickly restore service and begin claims recovery.

Simply put: we help our customers report damage to their property to effectively recover on claims.

Our approach means no employee has to be a claims specialist. We walk through the process in real-time, ensuring all necessary data is captured in our automated system to recover on the claim and avoid lengthy, time-consuming back and forth communication. It’s simple. It’s fast. It’s successful.

How We Make a Difference Graphic

How We Make a Difference

We only get paid when you do, so we’re highly motivated to invoice, recover, and win claims as quickly as possible.

  • We recover more than 80% of claims with an average cycle time of 76 days — smashing the industry average and making a significant positive impact for organizations and their employees.
  • Our extensive experience and expertise make us the gold standard. We invoice over 81,000 claims every year for more than $230 million.
  • These results are possible because of our efficient claims recovery process allowing photographs and real-time data to be captured on the scene through our FNOL app.

Interested in learning more about what our FNOL services could do for you? Download this PDF or contact CMR Managing Partner Taylor Fudge today at!