Process is an essential part of CMR’s success. Every detail of the way we work is engineered to be managed, measured, and improved. Our commitment to Lean Six Sigma process engineering creates efficiency within our organization, and more importantly, for our customers. We’ve streamlined every aspect of the recovery process using process mapping, statistical analysis, and outcome testing, leading to reduced cycle time, fewer bottle necks, and increased recovery.

Here’s what we do for customers

Process Image

1. Receive Files

We receive files — in any format — and begin reviewing the information.

2. Account Recovery

Our team begins to recover on the claim, which includes making direct contact, insurance finding and filing and quality assurance.

3. Payment

We post all payments and adjustments in our claim recovery system. CMR accounts for, reconciles, and provides bi-monthly and/or monthly statements for efficient and easy accounting.

4. Legal

When a suit is filed, CMR manages the legal process utilizing client-approved attorneys.

5. Reporting

All claim data is tracked, so CMR can report on nearly every aspect of a customer’s claim information. Customer reports range from open claims, to cycle time, to recovery reports on an activity and actuarial basis.

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