Few industries have their assets exposed to the elements, the general public, and everyday mishaps as regularly as utility companies. A single downed utility pole or one severed cable has significant financial impact on your business and disrupts customers’ service.

As process experts, we have proven methodologies to recover the costs of restoring your services. CMR’s enhanced First Notice of Loss (FNOL) process facilitates immediate and complete claim reporting. This approach saves time, ultimately equipping your team to focus on other strategic work.

With CMR, your organization is professionally represented; we respect the damaging party while recovering your losses.


Occasionally, customers leave. More frequently, they come back after realizing they can’t replicate CMR results internally.


We worked with a returning utility customer to address the problems which caused them to leave in the first place, and established processes between the teams to increase the evidence submitted in claims using our First Notice of Loss (FNOL) app. Using our app increased the likelihood of processing claims quickly and effectively in customer’s favor.


Compared with our customer’s internal efforts in 2016, CMR increased:

  • Invoicing by 264%
  • Dollars recovered by 480%

Our Results

$230 Million

CMR invoices over 81,000 claims a year for over $230,000 million.

76 Days

From invoice to payment, cycle time average is 76 days.

>80% Recovery

CMR recovery ratios are greater than 80% compared to the industry average.