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Few industries have their assets exposed to the elements, general public, and everyday mishaps as prevalently as utility companies do. One downed utility pole or one severed cable could have significant financial implications on your business, and a negative impact on your customers’ experience.

As process experts, we have proven, results-driven utilities claims methodologies to recover the costs of restoring your services. Our enhanced First Notice of Loss (FNOL) process facilitates immediate and complete claim reporting. This comprehensive approach saves time and resources, and ultimately enables your team to focus on more relevant work within the business.

Damage occurs.
Report filed with CMR via customer or FNOL.

CMR and/or customer gathers claim associated cost and processes an invoice.

CMR’s recovery process begins.
CMR Claims Bot assigns adjuster.
Payment received.
Recovered funds paid to customer.


Our customers include the leading national telecommunication companies and regional utility companies for whom we’ve recovered millions of dollars — none of them can afford to lose the costs of repairing a fiber optic cable, power line, or utility pole due to an unintended accident or negligent action. 

One regional utility’s internal recovery program averaged $600,000 annually; with CMR, that grew to $1.6 million annually over the past seven years.

Through our optimized utilities claims processes, we identify significantly more billable opportunities than our customers identified themselves. We review and audit historic police reports and work order systems (inside the statute of limitations) to determine if its historic review billing and recovery process would provide increased results.

Looking for Department of Transportation management?  Click Here for our DOT claims management page.  

Ready to save your field techs time and your company’s money? First Notice of Loss is the latest recovery innovation born of CMR’s commitment to process.

Proven Sucess


Claims billed (average annual)


Average increase in claims found


Dollars recovered (average annual)

61 Days

Cycle time

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