Departments of Transportation

Finding and retaining employees who are qualified to recover claims effectively is challenging. States’ lean budgets leave little available for critical growth/improvement projects.

When you partner with a third-party firm like CMR, your existing employees are available for more targeted and strategic projects.


The toughest claims often sit unresolved for years and are eventually abandoned. After CMR successfully recovered recent claims, the DOT customer assigned CMR two claims over eight years old. CMR worked alongside agency staff to create a process to pursue these outstanding claims, recovering one claim for $500,000 in just six months. The second claim was recovered for another $500,000 in 14 months. Read how we did it in our blog post.

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Our Results

$230 Million

CMR invoices over 81,000 claims a year for over $230,000 million.

76 Days

From invoice to payment, cycle time average is 76 days.

>80% Recovery

CMR recovery ratios are greater than 80% compared to the industry average.