4 Ways CMR Can Offset Growing Business Expenses

By: Taylor Fudge, Managing Partner

For many organizations, the cost of doing business has dramatically increased — and prices show no sign of slowing down. Inflation, supply chain delays and wage increases all contribute to tightening budgets and unsettling financial projections. 

Here are 4 Ways CMR Can Offset Growing Business Expenses

1. Recruitment

Spending countless hours posting jobs, reviewing applications, recruiting and interviewing candidates can be a drain on day-to-day resources. Instead of shouting into the employment void, utilize CMR to backfill your claims department. You can focus recruitment dollars on other needed positions and tasks.

2. Wages

With wages continuing to increase, it’s a great time to be a job-seeker —
but not so great to be a hiring manager with a limited budget. Utilizing CMR’s services helps offset these growing business expenses through our increased claims recovery rates. We have the resources to close the toughest claims, improving your bottom line. Our unique billing structure also ensures you’re only billed on what we recover. We don’t get paid unless you do! Our customers also don’t pay CMR in wages or benefit packages, another cost-saving measure.

3. Training

You’ve hired a new employee or two — great! Now it’s time to get them up to speed on job responsibilities and organizational processes. Often, companies find day-to-day work gets worse before it gets better, as current employees are pulled away from their tasks to teach new hires. According to a recent report, training costs over $1,200 for each new employee. Utilizing CMR’s services within your claims department minimizes these costs and frees up your seasoned employees to focus on their own jobs.

4. Overhead

Outsourcing claims recovery to CMR will also lower overhead costs on items like salaries, benefits, recruitment costs and office supplies. By using CMR, you’re utilizing a company with the expertise, manpower and access to recover on even the toughest claims. Give those budget line items some breathing room!

Interested in learning more about our services and how we can offset your ballooning business expenses:? Contact me at tfudge@cmrclaims.com.