Departments of Transportation

DRIVE Your Bottom Line.

Even with the federal government’s supplemental transportation funding, states are challenged by lean budgets leaving little forgiveness for unexpected expenditures or critical growth and improvement. For our DOT customers who move most or all damage claim recoveries to CMR, we recover dollars in 50% less time than internal efforts. The organization is able to reassign recovery staff to more effective operations while adding millions more dollars to the budget from billed damage recoveries.

As process experts, we have proven, results-driven methodologies to recover the costs of repairing or replacing your assets. This saves The Department’s time and resources, allows you to replace facilities faster, and ultimately keeps your team focused on more important work within the DOT.

Damage occurs.

CMR identifies property damage.

CMR and/or customer gathers claim associated cost and processes an invoice.

CMR Claims Bot assigns adjuster.

CMR’s recovery process begins.

Payment received.

Recovered funds paid to customer.

DOT Customers

We currently work with five Departments of Transportation in the U.S. for which we’ve recovered millions of dollars. These new recovered dollars are used to expand budgets and better serve their taxpayers.

One DOT’s internal recovery program averaged $2.5 million annually; with CMR, that grew to 117% more invoiced claims and an increase of $21 million in total recoveries.

Through our optimized processes, we identify significantly more billable opportunities than customers identified themselves. We review and audit historic police reports and work order systems (inside the statute of limitations) to determine if a historic review billing and recovery process would provide increased results.

One recent example where the historic billing improved results for our DOT customers returned in excess of $3,000,000 to the state’s bottom line.

Proven Success

  • 64,000
    Claims billed (average annual)
  • $112,000,000
    Dollars recovered (average annual)
  • 50%
    Average increase in claims found
  • ~61 days
    Cycle time
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